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日本語訳: アナログマンによるボスのボリュームペダルを「トーン」ぺダルに改造する案内(サンプル・トラックで音源確認可能)


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FV-50 Volume > Tone pedal mod

11.  We can mod the FV-50 into a tone control pedal. We keep it true stereo, and the side adjustment knob will work as a tone limiter, too! It will sound like the tone control on your guitar but you can have fun using it like a WAH WAH. The FV-50 H is the high impedance model for guitar, mod is $40. This mod was collaborated with Masaya Yamaguchi (NYC jazz guitarist/educator).

SAMPLE TRACKS:   Cattin' (Line Recording) & Pandora(Mic Recording)        

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