Q: Are you teaching? Could you give me private lessons?

A: Sometimes I do. But mostly I can't. I just released my teaching materials to the public. YAMAGUCHI Improvisation Method is the key to activate The Complete Thesaurus of Musical Scales, etc. Try this one.... and you'll never regret.

Q: Can you give me guitar lessons? I really like your "Thesaurus" book and the others.

A: Unfortunately, I can't do so right now. Please refer to YAMAGUCHI Guitar Method and Contemporary Guitar Harmony.

Q: How can I get the revised edition of "Yardbird Original" book originally published in 1955?

A: Contact Mr. Allan Colin at 845-680-6880. Tell him you want to buy CC1641 Charlie Parker Yardbird Originals. However, I recommend you to check out The Bird Book: The Charlie Parker Real Book. This book is much better than Colin's product.

Q: Could you explain how you learned David Liebman's book?

A: I recommend you to learn his concept at his Chromatic seminar. I worked with Lieb for the revised edition of A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody. Here's my idea to internalize his chromatic lines. Click here.

Or you can learn from my own book, Chromaticism in Jazz: Applying Techniques and Concepts.

Q: I like your "Lexicon of Geometric Patterns" book. Do you know any book to study Messiaen's "Modes of Limited Transposition"?

A: I would recommend you to learn Guy Lacour's "28 études sur les modes a transpositions limitées d' Oliver Messiaen" etude book. It is available from Sheet Music Plus.